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I know I could. Just as Peter quickly discovered, we can not serve God with our "flesh. We can not draw closer to God with our flesh. God is a Spirit — not flesh. The Christian life is a spiritual life. In fact, the Bible says in Galatians , "For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other:. The Bible says in Romans , the "carnal mind is enmity against God". The flesh is the enemy of God. Are you getting the picture?

We can not love the Lord Jesus Christ more with our flesh. Going to a picture show, any picture will not help us understand more what the Lord Jesus did for us. It is flesh. It is the carnal mind. In order to love and know God it must be in the spiritual realm. There are no exceptions. The Passion appeals and touches the flesh.

The Passion shows in very graphic detail with all the graphic enhancements possible a man tortured and beaten to death.

The Poison in The Passion Movie

For 45 non-stop minutes a man is beaten bloody with torn flesh flying in slow motion, groans of pain and agony searing through the sound system — of course it will touch you. It could be any human being beaten like that for 45 minutes and it would touch your emotions. Tozer in the book, Tozer on Worship and Entertainment , addresses how movies touch our emotions, but can not touch our spirit:. The reason millions of people are flooding the theaters is they are desperately searching for something from God.

Some are seeing The Passion over and over, just trying to get a "glimpse" of God. They are starving spiritually to hear from the Lord. Amos , prophesied of the days when there would be a famine not of bread. Well friend, we are there. The famine is clearly here. Millions of people are storming the theaters looking for a morsel or a few crumbs from the Lord. They are spiritually starving to death.

Yet the Lord gave us a spiritual feast, but we have refused to taste it. And the people are slowly starving to spiritual death. They crawl in the garbage dumps of Hollywood and Catholicism searching for some scraps from the Lord. But friend, they are not there. Go back to the old King James Bible. It is the only lasting and satisfying spiritual nourishment that will sustain you. Just look at the majesty of the revivals of Moody, Sunday, Wesley, Whitfield, and others. The Word of God was once the foundation of this once great nation.

For instance, the vogue of the Miracle Play coincided exactly with the most dismally corrupt period the Church has ever known. When the Church emerged at last from its long moral night these plays lost popularity and finally passed away.

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And be it remembered, the instrument God used to bring the Church out of the darkness was not drama; it was the biblical one of Spirit-baptized preaching. Serious-minded men thundered the truth and the people turned to God. Indeed, history will show that no spiritual advance, no revival, no upsurge of spiritual life has ever been associated with acting in any form. The Holy Spirit never honors pretense. The devil knows if he can somehow weaken the appeal and appetite for the Word of God his battle is easily won.

The great evangelist Dwight L. Moody once said of the Bible, "This Book will keep me from my sin, or my sin will keep me from this Book". It is no accident the first time Satan attacks the human race it was a direct attack on the word of God. Satan planted a small seed of doubt into the mind of Eve. And as Eve questioned the truthfulness of God's Word - the fall of mankind was just one bite away. In Luke 8, Jesus Christ tells the parable of the sower, verses read, "Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

It clearly lessens the effect and appeal of the Word of God. Look at how these Christian leaders describe their own experiences with The Passion. Remember these are not star-struck teenagers but seasoned veterans of the ministry. I think people will go to it and then flood into the churches seeking to know the deeper implications of this movie. Every Christian must go see this movie and hold Mr.

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Gibson up in prayer. He's going to take a lot of heat for this project, but if we'll support him, this movie could have a profound spiritual effect on millions of people. My hope is that they will also be captured by the presentation. I believe they will because it is simply the telling of God's story. I am most encouraged by the fact that they will see a true representation of Jesus: fully God and fully man.

In fact, it was a deep spiritual experience for me. Without a doubt, it was the closest experience I have ever been to actually witnessing the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ" -Paul Cedar, Chairman and CEO, Mission America Coalition "Thank you for allowing our congregation to preview the movie trailer of The Passion. In just four short minutes, the images and the authenticity left our members "spell bound".

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It's a miracle. It's a miracle It almost sounds like a supernatural experience has "captured" these men? Maybe it did. If you do not like it or appreciate it, you are lost. Do these men really believe that a Hollywood movie can reveal the passion of the Lord Jesus Christ better than the Word of God? Are they so deceived and spiritually blind to believe that a demon-possessed Catholic mystic inspired blood and gore movie can portray the passion of the Lord Jesus better than the Holy Spirit of God? One reason The Passion has found such a welcome mat in the Laodicean Church Age is because the Word of God has been surgically diminished and crippled through the years.

The authority and wonder of the Word of God has been de-throned and replaced with movies, music, jewelry, productions, drama, and any other crowd appealing invention. The list of those who are enthusiastic about it includes many who cannot be written off as borderline Christians. If it is an evil, why have not these denounced it? The answer is, lack of spiritual discernment. Many who are turning to the movie are the same who have, by direct teaching or by neglect, discredited the work of the Holy Spirit.

They have apologized for the Spirit and so hedged Him in by their unbelief that it has amounted to an out-and-out repudiation. Now we are paying the price for our folly. The light has gone out and good men are forced to stumble around in the darkness of the human intellect. Tozer on Worship and Entertainment I am reminded of an episode in the life of the late-great, evangelist Brother Lester Roloff. Brother Roloff simply answered, "My faith is not in a piece of wood, but the Word of God". They certainly deserve careful consideration before any Christian indiscriminately recommends this film to anyone.

But there is an issue with The Passion that in the light of the scriptures, I would dare say puts the "others to shame. Read these ringing endorsements by these Christian leaders. Have you ever read anything or anybody in modern times with such praises ". Without a doubt, The Passion has received more evangelistic applause than any other Christian event in my lifetime. There is one little problem, actually quite large , that overshadows over all the evangelistic hoopla. The one specific group of people that the Lord Jesus explicitly warns to welcome and include are not welcome!

Now, how did the evangelistic caravan miss that one? Probably how they missed the other major problems with The Passion — they left their Bible at the movie theater. Matthew 36 And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms, he said unto them, 37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me : and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me. Mark 13 And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them. Luke 15 And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.

Luke The Passion is not a movie for children. The Passion is rated "R" meaning "Restricted for under 17 years of age". One article advising parents before taking their teenagers to The Passion asks the following questions:. Senior Pastor Riley Powell of the First Church of the Nazarene, said the violence is the sole reason for the R rating and suggested that children younger than 12 or 13 not see the film.

Is 'Passion' for children? The Marian Star. Disturbing images can be what sticks with a child , not the message behind it. I would have severe concerns about exposing children to that kind of violence. But when it comes to the children — like the disciples whom Jesus was "much displeased" and "rebuked" — James Dobson "forbids" the children:. As such, it is wholly inappropriate for young children.

The Greatest Story Ever Told. Russell Cotnoir Jr. Felix Doligosa Jr, Felix. Greg Garrison, Greg. H1 " I know the images it left in my mind , It would be very difficult for an elementary-age kid to see it and deal with it. H1 Hundreds of more warnings concerning the children could easily be produced. Even Mel Gibson himself has said no children under 13 should see The Passion.

How does The Passion measure up against the many admonitions of the Lord Jesus to "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me. The stern "forbidding" and "inappropriate" exclusion of children to "view" The Passion should provide irrefutable proof to any Bible Believer — that The Passion is not from the Lord. With the glowing endorsements by hundreds of Christian leaders claiming The Passion is "true to the Gospels", "factual", "like it really happened" and "bringing the Bible to life" this begs an important question.

Some have even redefined the "R" rating as "R for Reality". I mean, look at that book So, no one under 17 should read the Bible? I don't think so. I say this with fear and trembling, but without any hesitation of the truth, most of these popular Christian leaders recommending The Passion are far, far away from the Word of God and the will of God. By the way, did you notice how many times the age of 13 came up as the forbidden age? No one under 13 should see it. No one under 13 should see the "greatest evangelistic tools in modern day history"?

No one under 13 should see the "the most powerful evangelistic tools of the last years"? The research consisted of extensive nation-wide surveys of teenagers. The research discovered some enlightening information concerning the average age in which people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. According to the Barna Research, " The data show that if a person does not accept Jesus Christ as savior before the age of 14, the likelihood of ever doing so is slim.

The data shows clearly that the prime evangelistic years are those before a person becomes a teenager ". Third Millennium Teens, Barna Research, p. More publicity has been devoted to the possible Anti-Jewish interpretation of The Passion than any other issue. But where is the outcry against the anti-children discrimination of The Passion?

Are we to let "these little children" go to hell because they can not see The Passion? And what about the "little children" whose parents take to see The Passion? They watch over 45 straight minutes of bloody, close-up graphic detail of a man virtually beat to death. Their little eyes watch in large-screen, living color, graphic surround sound as ripped bloody flesh is flying through the air as blood splatters all over the Romans executors. What will those images do to those tender young vulnerable minds? Judging by the many adults who leave The Passion shocked and dazed over the extreme blood and violence, I would dare say the "little children" will have some confusing questions, to say the least.

This is tough stuff, capable of unsettling adults and potentially traumatizing young viewers. Considering all the irreverent and graphic violence mixed in with the occult Catholic teachings and rituals, it might just be the loving protection from God that these children are restricted from viewing The Passion.

Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth. Mel has appeared in many films, such as Mad Max, Payback, and the extremely violent Lethal Weapon series.

The age of loneliness is killing us | George Monbiot

Most of Mel's movies are steaming with profanity and vulgarity mixed in with the typical "Helly-wood" sexual scenes. Gibson had a leading role in the sexually charged comedy, film, What Women Want. Mel starred as Nick, who after a freak accident possessed the ability to read women's mind.

Soon Nick's "goal in life was to bed all the women his lustful heart desired. Scoop news agency says, ". I won't be surprised if an audience member somewhere leaves his seat in the midst of the rape scene and tries to get at the projectionist. Fire wardens had to administer oxygen to 20 people at the Cannes Festival who fainted during the film - which includes a minute depiction of sodomy [of Monica Bellucci], and also contains graphic scenes of rape and murder. Fire brigade spokesman Lieutenant Gerard Courtel said of Irreversible : "In 25 years in my job I've never seen this at the Cannes festival.

The scenes in this film are unbearable, even for us professionals. Monica Bellucci, of The Passion, calmly says of the filthy and vile, Irreversible : "This is a film that people love or they hate, but it's good to have these kind of extremes. As the old saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together. What about those Christian young people who viewed The Passion and now innocently search the internet for some info on Monica and get 44, pages of wicked vile and filth!

Don't tell me it does not happen. I have already received emails from some of the surprised innocent victims! Some of the Monica Bellucci laced "porn sites" will literally take over your computer browser replacing your browser's home page with their filth. You have to cancel or re-boot to get out of their filthy sewers. This happened to me personally many times simply researching this chapter! Rosita Celentano, who plays Satan is not exactly your cute "little girl next door". A Google search with "Rosita Celentano" will pop-up over 6, pages of porn-garbage. She has starred in such wonderful movies as "Diary of a Porn Star" which is a gay porn star.

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Maia Morgenstern, who plays the virgin Mary in The Passion is not exactly pure. She starred in the move, "The Whitman Boys". It is a bizarre death film which contains prostitution, animal sacrifices, violence and nudity. One review describes it as," two brothers become obsessed with death after the death of their father. They investigate the cemetery, dissect small animals, and then meet a young prostitute who becomes an important presence in their lives" Hollywood.

A Google search on "Claudia Gerini" and porn will infect your computer and mind with over 6, hits of depraved vile. The height of hypocrisy is James Dobson's recent praise of The Passion as "the most powerful and important [film] ever made. Remember it was Dobson a few years ago that was viciously fighting pornography and even on the attorney general's Commission on Pornography and now he is lavishly recommending a film to Christians virtually infested with "porn stars".

Shame on you Dobson! Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. It is a shame, but the world projects the "shame" on huge color screens in stereo surround sound. Hundreds, probably thousands, of separated Bible-Believing Christians who have never stepped inside the darkness of a movie theater, with the encouragement of their pastors, will enter the movie house for the first time. And it will probably not be their last.

Once that wall of separation is broken, it is very hard to repair. And the picture and sound was awesome! And after all, there are some decent shows available. As Proverbs testifies, "Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. Before someone jumps in and says, "Well the movie theater is no worse than the television.

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While I am certainly not attempting to justify the filth on the TV, anyone who has spent any time in the theater as I did before I was saved can testify to the contrary. As bad as network television is, most of the really vulgar scenes are removed — but in the movie house, it is full-life, large-scene, filth with the vilest language and complete nudity — and that is an R rated show, which by the way, is what The Passion is rated.

The opening day of The Passion in the U. The Passion is by far the largest opening day not on a holiday or in the summer. If the first few days are any indication, The Passion is destined to be crowned one of the biggest selling, possibly the greatest selling movie of all time. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the viewers flooding the theaters are professing Christians. According to news reports, many churches have leased complete theaters — some have them completely booked up until March!

A new advance sales ticket record! God only knows what these millions of dollars could have done for the missionaries around the world and the spread of the Gospel. He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. Proverbs Abstain from all appearance of evil. I find it very degrading and irreverent for anyone to "play" or "act" as the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe there are some things a Christian should not "play" with. I believe there are some things that are simply too sacred and too glorious for man to "touch".

And the person of Lord Jesus Christ is one of these. I know what some are already thinking. All they are trying to do is bring the Gospel Story to life. What is the big deal? I am reminded of a story in the Old Testament found in 2 Samuel 6. It is when David decided to retrieve the sacred ark from the house of Abinadab.

As they lifted the ark on a new cart and began rolling the ark out. As the ark was moving the oxen shook the ark, and in order to help the Lord to keep the ark from possibly falling, Uzzah put his hand on the ark to steady it — and the Lord immediately killed him. Somebody says, he was just trying to help the Lord. He was just trying to steady the ark. Friend, there are some things that are too sacred for depraved men to "touch". And the person of the Lord Jesus is one. Remember how amazed Billy Graham was after viewing The Passion :. Tens of thousands of books of hours have survived to the present day, in libraries and private collections throughout the world.

The typical book of hours is an abbreviated form of the breviary which contained the Divine Office recited in monasteries. It was developed for lay people who wished to incorporate elements of monasticism into their devotional life. Reciting the hours typically centered upon the reading of a number of psalms and other prayers. Most 15th-century books of hours have these basic contents. The Marian prayers Obsecro te "I beseech thee" and O Intemerata "O undefiled one" were frequently added, as were devotions for use at Mass , and meditations on the Passion of Christ , among other optional texts.

The book of hours has its ultimate origin in the Psalter , which monks and nuns were required to recite. By the 12th century this had developed into the breviary , with weekly cycles of psalms, prayers, hymns, antiphons, and readings which changed with the liturgical season. It consisted of a selection of prayers, psalms, hymns and lessons based on the liturgy of the clergy.

Each book was unique in its content though all included the Hours of the Virgin Mary, devotions to be made during the eight canonical hours of the day, the reasoning behind the name 'Book of Hours'. Many books of hours were made for women. There is some evidence that they were sometimes given as a wedding present from a husband to his bride. Although the most heavily illuminated books of hours were enormously expensive, a small book with little or no illumination was affordable much more widely, and increasingly so during the 15th century.

The earliest surviving English example was apparently written for a laywoman living in or near Oxford in about It is smaller than a modern paperback but heavily illuminated with major initials, but no full-page miniatures. By the 15th century, there are also examples of servants owning their own Books of Hours. In a court case from , a pauper woman is accused of stealing a domestic servant's prayerbook. Very rarely the books included prayers specifically composed for their owners, but more often the texts are adapted to their tastes or sex, including the inclusion of their names in prayers.

Some include images depicting their owners, and some their coats of arms.

Book of hours

These, together with the choice of saints commemorated in the calendar and suffrages, are the main clues for the identity of the first owner. Eamon Duffy explains how these books reflected the person who commissioned them. He claims that the "personal character of these books was often signaled by the inclusion of prayers specially composed or adapted for their owners.

Such additions might amount to no more than the insertion of some regional or personal patron saint in the standardized calendar, but they often include devotional material added by the owner. These were sometimes with spaces left for the addition of personalized elements such as local feasts or heraldry. The style and layout for traditional books of hours became increasingly standardized around the middle of the thirteenth century.

The new style can be seen in the books produced by the Oxford illuminator William de Brailes who ran a commercial workshop he was in minor orders. His books included various aspects of the Church's breviary and other liturgical aspects for use by the laity. The text, augmented by rubrication, gilding, miniatures, and beautiful illuminations, sought to inspire meditation on the mysteries of faith, the sacrifice made by Christ for man, and the horrors of hell, and to especially highlight devotion to the Virgin Mary whose popularity was at a zenith during the 13th century.

By the end of the 15th century, the advent of printing made books more affordable and much of the emerging middle-class could afford to buy a printed book of hours, and new manuscripts were only commissioned by the very wealthy. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Taste of Passion , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 30, Angela rated it liked it. Actually went to a all black rodeo to see the guy who represents Luke Madaris. It was a big letdown in the looks department but a good show. View 1 comment. I love reading Brenda Madaris series. The problems I have is the plots are the same the names have changed. It is almost a guarantee that the women are of mixed race I would love to read of a African American woman will natural or weaved hair being described as beautiful and intelligent. I am enjoying the series but the plots so far are predictable.

A mystery unfolded Great story from beginning to end. Mama Laverne is something else. Nothing gets by her. Luke and Mac didn't have her fooled for a minute. This story was full of mystery and surprises on every page. Jun 05, Susan rated it it was amazing. Another Madaris Family Hit!!!! I read it in hours!!! Get this book!!!. Did heart romantic Very good book! Please read this love story is heart felt all the way to the end. Every woman deserves a Love like this. Sep 03, Amaka Azie rated it liked it.

An okay read. But not as interesting as the others in the Madaris series. Sep 18, Kim rated it really liked it. Another good read about The Madaris Family!!!! Feb 26, Ariana rated it really liked it. I never would have thought who was behind it. May 13, Vanessa rated it liked it. So this is my second Brenda Jackson book and I have issues with this one too. One of my biggest problems with it is that there are waaaaay to many characters in it. A ridiculous amount. I know they have a big family and all but dang.

They lived in this house together for weeks but I felt like they never had any meaningful conversations where they were intimate in a more 2. They lived in this house together for weeks but I felt like they never had any meaningful conversations where they were intimate in a more emotional way. Yes he makes you feel all tingly inside. But what about the emotional stuff?? Where is all that? What is this dialogue????? People do not talk like this. There was a lot of over explaining going on in here.

One small example but it was all through the book and it drove me crazy. They hardly ever butted heads. Yes there was that part at the party but I needed more than that. It just added to my issue with the lack of a deeper connection and just made them feel one dimensional to me. The whole murder mystery that was thrown in?

The explanation for why Mac was being targeted? Completely out of left field and felt like it was thrown in there to tie up loose ends. I want a fully fleshed out narrative with dinamic characters. Not a daydream. They have instant chemistry when they meet at a charity auction. Luke is hurt in a rodeo "accident" and needs a place to recoup.

He doesn't want family members hovering about, so he asks single Mac if he can stay at her house while he recovers. She says yes to his request. The longing between the two is there more with each passing day. Luke suggests they put an end to the smoldering attraction by surrendering to it. Mac isn't sure if a taste of passion will UN-charge their sexual tension.