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Not everything in space is round

Yet if you head to the south pole, none of these celestial sights are visible, but you can see Alpha Centauri, the Magellanic Clouds, and the Southern Cross, all of which are never visible to most northern hemisphere skywatchers. If the Earth were flat, everyone on the night side of the Earth would see the same sky; this is another observation that the flat Earth can't account for. The method of Biruni for calculating the Earth's circumference. Note that if the Earth were flat, any high mountain within the line-of-sight of the tall mountain you're atop would be visible.

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The fact that they aren't indicates the Earth's curvature. Mauna Kea, the highest peak in Hawaii the summit of the Big Island , offers incredible views. With nothing but the ocean around it, and a few other nearby islands, you should be able to see extremely far away. However, you cannot see one from the other, which you would absolutely be able to do if the Earth were flat.

How can one prove that the world is round?

With a curved Earth of its measured radius, the line-of-sight limit for those two elevations caps out at miles. Only with a curved Earth is one invisible from the other, and this is true for any two mountain peaks with clear line-of-sights from one to the other. With a large amount of atmosphere to pass through, light from the Sun or Moon reddens tremendously when it's close to the horizon. Sunsets and sunrises happen at different times depending on your longitude. If the Earth were flat, then someone in New York and someone in Los Angeles would see the sun rise and set at exactly the same time as one another.

But in practice, the difference is approximately three hours. The fact that it can be evening in New York and late afternoon in Los Angeles, or morning in New York while it's still before dawn in Los Angeles, is something that a flat Earth can't account for.

Inside a Flat Earth convention, where nearly everyone believes Earth isn't round

Although these pieces of evidence are easy to observe, they don't carry the direct weight that a view of the Earth from space does. If the Earth were flat, these five phenomena would be very different, and yet they are so simple to verify that any flat Earth believer cannot possibly doubt their veracity. Whether it changes anyone's mind is up for debate, but without resorting to space, circumnavigation, or any advanced scientific experiments, you can experience a whole handful of phenomena that a flat Earth can't account for.

With a flat Earth, we'd only get lunar eclipses at midnight, everywhere would have the same seasons, every location would see the same stars, all high mountain peaks would be visible from one another, and every place on your "side" of the Earth would see sunrise and sunset at the same time.

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Since these are false, so is the flat Earth. If this helps even one person challenge their belief that the Earth is flat, it's a remarkable win for knowledge. But don't bet on it. Like the old saying goes, you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

Because the World Is Round

Different locations on Earth experience seasons at different times. I have won numerous awards for science writing s Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds – CBS Pittsburgh

Windows to the Universe Original Randy Russell. Ethan Siegel.

Read More. On a flat Earth, he should be seeing the light. He then asked Henrique to lift the light above his head. Lo and behold, the light shined through. And you know what?

It is interesting. This experimental set up has been a staple of flat-Earthers since , when Samuel Birley Rowbotham first did it on the Old Bedford River. Still, it is important to continue to repeat classic experiments as repetition is one of the cornerstones of science. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.