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What we have always enjoyed in games is the ability for the players to make crucial choices, to experiment and to plan. This way, even though the same cards get played each time, they offer the ability to change the game in different ways. If we get funded, we will release a free PDF version of the rulebook in German, French, Spanish and Italian, all written by professional readers. Moreover, we will reveal future stretch goals, many of those including localisation and physical games!

In other to do so, we need your help to spread the word about Entropia! Tell your friends about the game and share this page as much as you can if you want Entropia to be translated in your language. There are also lots of expansions which add new gameplay modes! If you are pledging from a country which is not on the list, send us a message and we will find a solution. Thank you for looking at this project.

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Help us to support Entropia and share our page with your friends! The usual risk is delays, but to streamline fulfillment this campaign will be kept as simple as it can be, and the games will be shipped almost as soon as they arrive. The estimated manufacturing time planned at the beginning of the campaign was going to be of one month, with rewards shipping in early November, but the production of bigger quantities and additional products due to Stretch Goals might bring some delays.

All going well you might still be able to get your game in time for Christmas, but do not take this for granted. Moreover, December is a busy month You get the game. You get the One and Only ever printed Beta prototype deck of Entropia. This include also: Typo errors! Old graphical layout! Played cards!

Free optional signature by the author! Shipping included. Tabletop Games Italia, Italy. Back this project. Entropia, the Game. Just a render, not final graphics. Some random cards.

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Art NOT final. Stretch goals to be revealed during campaign. ZeroFun Boardgaming Team!

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