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Read complete story. Strength, awareness, comfort and awe, a connection to something greater than all. Pure song of the Spirit that brings hope to life,. What a pathetic girl, staring back into the mirror. What a timid girl, overcome by fear. What a shell of a girl, locked up inside. What a forgotten girl, pushed off to the side.

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A woman's virtue is her wisdom and her strength. She's poised, prim and proper, and always watches over her sheep. See, a woman has the ability to get the job done, no matter the circumstance. God equipped her that way and not by chance.

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My life hasn't been great, But I've made it through. My life hasn't been easy, But God said, "I've got you.

To my dear friends, The memories we left behind Are still fresh on my mind. How God crossed our paths! Treasures come in so many ways: the sun that lights the cloudy days, a rainbow from a summer shower, a rose that blooms within an hour.

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When there is faith, there is hope. When there is hope, there is chance. When there is chance, there is success.

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You're exactly right. We worry about the after, never realizing today determines the after!

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Jac Judy A. Lord, at times we come to you, our faith is not as strong.

A gift of Love

But in your loving arms we fall; you show us that we belong. T ake my hand feel the vital grip that love lends to this flesh listen to my voice hear the catch in my throat of awe that can't be expressed gaze into my eyes see tears welling up as I recognize my long lost self in your smile rest in my arms find refuge in my embrace until you know you are forever safe join me now here where we have never parted. B ehind closed eyes the world falls away a whirl of empty sensation with no boundary drowning thought in a silent symphony burning the body in painless effigy when eyes open again the world is cleansed only perfection remains the room is resplendent with the absence of illusion.

A lasting marriage when devotion has claimed you for its own no longer any chance to stray a brief fling with illusion no longer satisfies the truth demands utter fidelity with no possibility of divorce all pain must be faced and embraced as the true countenance of your beloved.

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F ire may burn the wood the ashes do not mind. About Nirmala: After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, Advaita spiritual teacher , Nirmala has been writing spiritual poems and offering spiritual teaching and spiritual mentoring in the U. Nirmala offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to the rich tradition of inquiry into our true nature. Nothing Personal leads you to the experience of your true nature and helps you explore its depth.

Through exposition, questions and dialogues, it brings you to a place of realization of the Truth: you are the spacious Awareness in which everything appears. Download Kindle ebook on Amazon. Before you leave, be sure to get your free ebook copy of.