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Definitely a thriller and suspenseful! I did continue reading it, though, and I found myself caught up in it. It certainly was an action packed thriller. It was interesting to "catch up" with some of the characters from some of the other books. The book starts right off with a murder, and the plot thickens. Having traveled there before, some of the towns were familiar to me. Although I liked this book, I was not as into it as his other books. A group of characters keep things moving with every twist and turn of the plot.

Keep reading, characters appear from other books and make it even more interesting. Razor Girl is the link to it all. The world as seen through the eyes of a working farm dog. Katz is a great story teller. Local color. Some lifestyles of the rich and not really famous. A classic thriller. Sixty years later, an American journalist uncovers a personal connection to Sarah.

This was an audio book. Super writing. The story of her life as a slave and when she escaped and had freedom. In that brief moment, he vanishes. A King And Maxwell series book. This is another unbelievable story with unlikely outcomes. It does, however, have a happy ending. I like those. This book had me captivated from the very beginning. It definitely takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

There are so many directions this book could have gone, but didn't. It alludes to a kidnapping and they have just adopted a baby , it alludes to the fate of the gypsies in the city but then takes you nowhere with it , it alludes to the adoption agency taking the baby but it doesn't , it alludes to Hungary's role in the Nazi occupation but not enough where you actually learn anything. In the end, it was a bit shallow. When I started the book, wasn't sure I would continue. Psychic material isn't my thing but I was already into the book. So I continued and ended up liking it.

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It's hard to take it all in. We're living in an age of profound change. Worth reading this book. A simple but prophetic tale of a boy's challenges and discoveries while following his dream. I listened to the book on CD read by Jeremy Irons which made it very enjoyable. Meridian Wallace gives up her dream of scientific research to follow her brilliant husband to Los Alamos and loses herself in the process of being a good wife and supporter of his life.

The story of Meridian's awakening is well worth the read. It really is a book and a case that everyone should be familiar with. This heinous crime of the lynching of a 14 year old black child in the south followed by a travesty of justice brought about the modern day civil rights movement. We can thank the brave mother of Emmett Till, Mamie Bradley, for bringing it to the forefront when she insisted young Emmett's casket be open during his viewing.

As a mother, she is a hero. I could have done without the lecture at the end. I understand that people invoked Emmett Till's name during the Michael Brown incident. Michael Brown was not Emmett Till. Read this book. It will stay with you. I had both read and seen the movie of "Schindler's List" years ago, and I was totally caught up with the story.

Having read this book from a child's perspective, it gave me more insight to what the Jews went through. I highly recommend it. I am not ruining the story when I tell you this story is about the toddlers alleged past life as Lou Gehrig. This book interested me on so many levels- as a Christian who was raised to NOT believe in reincarnation, as a baseball fan the baseball history is fascinating and as a mother. If anything, this book will entertain you. I challenge that it may really make you think. Read this book- its a quick read. Think Rosamunde Pilcher or Maeve Binchy and you've got the setting and characters.

A nice summer read. This story portrays a 32 year old pregnant woman, recenly divorced with a 7 year old daughter, moving back to her happy childhood in South Carolina. She finds her best friend, who disappeared years earlier, is still a mystery. There is renewed love and a surprise ending. McBride relates his mother's childhood and marriages she was Jewish and was disinherited for marrying a black in alternating chapters with his own growing up in a chaotic household of 12 kids. It is a fast paced mystery with lots of twists and turns. I had not read any books by this author, as yet.

It took me a bit to get into the book, but once I was caught up with the story, I was hooked. The ending is quite powerful! A must read! Author leaves nothing out about the people who's weakness of morals make them believe they are better than outsiders - Only to realize that they are the weak ones, - Bigotry comes in all forms. Great "historical" beginning! Non-stop action may become a great movie. Technology does not over "shadow" the plot.

Unexpected results requires the death of a featured character. A hint of romance arises quite unexpectedly, the "final" climax was not anticipated and in true Hitchcock fashion sends shivers up your spine. Who will or will not survive? Plus, cameo appearances from other Cussler heroes makes for a "I can't put this book down! A young lad selling encyclopedias inadvertently becomes involved in a major drug plot.

Smith, Col. Chesty Paller- a famous actual US Marine tale. Each chapter is written as if a different character is telling their story, before and after the main incident of the book It's supposed to be a masterpiece but I didn't see it. Continuing to read it, I finally gave up half way through. A family's life is torn apart as the fighting surrounds them.

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Lives are lost, and anger and bitterness sets in. Twelve years later, members of the same Tuscany family are being brutally killed. The question was, why? Once the murderer was revealed, the "why" was then understood. Chris is an excellent storyteller. Both my husband and I are very familiar with the ocean; in fact, my husband has his Captain's License for the ocean, so the terminology used in this book was very familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, reading about the prep days before the big catches. A great read! She's supposed to read it in the case of his death.

I don't want to give it away but I'll say it involves many people and their lives. A great beach read. The story is about identical twin sisters. One lives on Nantucket and the other on Martha's Vineyard. They have been estranged for years. The story takes many turns and it's a page turner! All Freedomites have missed the excitement of "The Jungle", only due to a lack of reading. This book introduces a potential new member of the the Corporation, just because he saves the chairman's life.

Will he prove out? Circumstances unravel the mystery behind MacD. But what of the very capable John Smith? Will Linda Ross live or die? This amazing example of unrelenting perseverance persists right through to the last two unbelievable paragraphs. Great action adventure.

This one didn't disappoint The first kill provides clues and challenges investigators to find the second victim in time. Always find Kate Morton's novels a fun read and this is no exception. Wife leaves for her childhood island. She has a wonderful sense of humor that helps her find another life that's more forfilling. It was a good mystery. Decker is an interesting character. He has several conditions resulting from head trauma.

One of which is a perfect memory. He remembers everything. In this book he is part of an FBI task force.

Family or friendship This story shows how far a woman will go to protect either. Although I did learn more about the Lobster industry in the "Chronicles", I found that I was disappointed in the author's actions and her choice of language, at times. She came across as a teenager, rather than a forty year old woman. A Sackett can turn a wild goose chase into a champion's cause. Naturally attracting comrades to assist, even an unexpected one-time enemy ready to assist, makes for a great western yarn.

Details galore, makes the reader feel they are right there in the middle of it. Respect overcoming prejudice wins out overall. Hatred Bad vs Good persistence does not lead to good triumphing over bad. But in the unanticipated showdown, the end justifies the means. The author has done it, again! I did not enjoy it as much as I have others by Boylan! Couldn't put this book down- waiting for the daughter to describe what her father would do next. It is realistic and the detail is impressive.

It wasn't long before I was drawn into the story and the characters, and I felt sorry for Chip, the pilot, and what he was going through. The author is a great storyteller! Although fiction, it is surely based on stories of the courage of individuals to work in the resistance to do what they can to help people escape and survive. Focus is on a father and his two daughters who do what they can in their own way and find out about each other's work and commitment along the way. Those caught were sent to Ravensbruck, a camp that I had not known about previously.

Story is a captivating look at war from a woman's perspective and abilities. Recommended from a friend; listened to book on CD. Loved it. And the boy's parents also must learn to deal with loss and find themselves at last. Definitely worth a read. Does get into homosexual acts which I had no issue with whatsoever but some people may be offended and should have the heads up.

It tells of the experience the father has -- as he learns to face his beliefs in God. It challenges you to understand God's plan of mercy, love, hope and healing without being patronizing. This story has affected me in places I've never been before. It also taught me that I must forgive to be free I felt that I was right by Jane Hawk's side as she set out to find the truth regarding the suicides.

I am looking forward to Dean's next book, "The Whispering Room". Are men honorable or treacherous and bent on murder? The Fechens vs. Will the brothers succeed or one or both die? Will the girl, Judith, remain in jeopardy? Will they be safe on the plains or when they reach Colorado? Will the men who join the brothers be signing their own death sentence? This is a nail-biter, action-packed, suspense-filled western! About a family and the fire that destroy their homes, family and lives.

The fire takes the land in Maine right down to the ocean. How the mother and her family survives and starting new lives keeps you involved. Enjoyed that it wasn't all happy endings but real life. It has suspense and conspiracy- with many twists and turns- plus the climactic ending you hoped for. I can't wait to read his other novels! As is typical in Dugoni mysteries there are lots of twists and turns in the plot. It is told in two time periods, centuries apart.

And it combines a fascinating story of mid 17th century Europe with a look into the fascination of scholarly archival investigations of today. Long pages but worth every word. Thinking she hears a young woman being killed and thrown overboard- her nightmare turns out with her nearly being killed but with twists and turns in the plot- she is nearly killed herse4lf. Love the last page! They all seem to have problems as we all do and it was interesting to see how they solved them.

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This book had a twist ending which I liked. I have read a lot of her books and they are usually great. The writing was beautiful and the characters and their relationships were very complex. The book looks at different members and generations of a Scottish family during three Junes that are ten years apart. If it was not for the third and final June, I may have rated the book higher. The last part just didn't flow and caused the book to end abruptly.

If you like novels about complex familial and romantic relationships, this book is for you. This is the first book in a series of Hope Beach Series. The book is a mystery romance similar to a Nora Roberts type book with very heavy Christian overtones. Although a interesting mystery, I found the book to be a bit superficial. The characters were no where near as well developed as in Nora Roberts books and at time the plot did not seem very realistic. His ranch doesn't exist.

His cattle have disappeared. But, no one in town has ever heard of him.

His neice has arrived to inherit a non-existent ranch from a murdered man no one knew. What can be done? Enter Hopalong Cassidy, friend to the murdered no-one-knows-who-he-is man. The rich, powerful man in town, his foreman and secondo are aggravated, alarmed, and ready to run rough-shod. Hoppy and his amigos and the haunted men seem thwarted at every turn. A wife is accused of trying to use stolen, unsigned paper money. An ornery one ton steer prepared to gore an unlikely prospect. Phew, what a great story from Louis L'Amour- a 24 hour read for me. I'd liked it better if the author had not felt it necessary to make a life long family friend into a real cut throat villain - Enough already!

Stephanie Plum is at it again with all her hilarious antics. This time she has a new character, Diesel. He adds some fun and frivolity to the story. Void Moon is one of his earlier books and is not part of a series. The main character of this mystery is Cassie Black an ex-con.

Initially the book focuses on Cassie's background and you wonder where the book it going. Then the twists and turns start. The book kept me guessing. This one about war brides. Although typical romance in many ways, it does make one think of what it must have been like to leave home and family, travel across the sea and spend life with a husband who you barely knew. Reading Alice's journey back to normality showed us all that sometimes we get stuck in our own ways and it's never too late to start over or fix what's broken.

This book will keep your eyes peeled, page after page. Just when I thought it wasn't going to end like I had thought, it did! Thankfully the end wasn't predictable. The children were all perfect characters, I liked them the best. Alice made me a little nuts because she never asks the right questions and if she did, the author always let the answer slip away.

Still unanswered questions about some things. Good but not amazing. So much territory is covered and there are numerous suspects. A surprise ending you will never expect. Highly recommended. A story about love, family, murder, intrigue and mystery. I especially liked the descriptive settings.

The War Below - The Story of Three Submarines That Battled Japan Audiobook Part 1

Funny to read the definitions of mud season, nor'easter, etc. Very real to life. The story is about a girl and boy who meet in a hospital ER and make a connection. They meet again later in life, still loving each other. Loved this story! As the title indicates - a story about a woman who marries her boss because he needs to be married for some crazy business reason. She needs the money, etc. Lizzie is a former Boston Homicide detective who quit for personal reasons and has now taken a job in the sheriff's department in northern Maine.

In this book she starts her now job and helps solve several mysteries. If you like the Home Repair mystery series, you'll like this book as well. I find Graves audio books great to listen to while walking. I don't have to concentrate too hard, but am entertained. P is for Peril You have 24 good reads ahead of you and a new one, Y is for Yesterday, is coming in August. Kinsey Milhone, single spunky woman twice divorced , private detective in Santa Teresa, CA, who goes about solving murder and mayhem, in the 80s before proliferation of cell phones and PCs.

Nice cast of characters, creative plotting, unexpected endings and always a point well made. Like one and you will like them all. Books eligible for this award must have been published in the United States during the 18 months prior to the selection in January of each year. Set from prehistoric times to the present, these books, both fiction and nonfiction, provide role models of stong, capable, creative women. Others feature girls who outwit dragons, create petroglyphs to save a tribe, and train to win battles. From a picture book using bear hair and other earthen materials in its illustrations to a biography written in graphic-novel format, these books show girls and women exploring exciting ways to solve practical dilemmas through the courage of their convictions.

All of them spur the imagination and expand the limits of dreams while confronting traditional female stereotypes. And best of all, these books are fun reading! Skip to main content. You are at: ALA. She visited Kentucky and witnessed slavery firsthand. When Stowe and her husband Calvin Eillis Stowe discovered that their house servant, Zillah, was a former slave, the couple helped her to escape to Canada.

In , the Stowes moved to Brunswick, Maine. That same year, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law, which enabled slave owners to reclaim their runaway slaves who had escaped to Northern states. She also drew on her own personal experience as a mother. Her son Charlie had died in the summer of Four years after his death, she wrote to a friend:. In the United States, Stowe's work galvanized anti-slavery sentiment and aided the abolitionist cause.

Born into slavery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in , Harriet Tubman s remembered for challenging stereotypes of race, gender and class. As a child, she learned Bible stories from her mother, finding inspiration in the Exodus narrative and rejecting the admonitions for slaves to obey their masters.

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She would later become known as "Moses" for her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading slaves North to freedom. As a teenager, Tubman suffered a traumatic head injury that would cause a lifetime of seizures, along with powerful visions and vivid dreams that she ascribed to God.

She would rely on these visions first in planning her own escape from slavery and later, when leading others to freedom in the North. In , Tubman plotted her escape. By night, she followed the North Star and relied on the Underground Railroad, a network of free blacks and white abolitionists, including members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. She arrived in Philadelphia and later recalled: "When I found that I crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person.

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There was such glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees, and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven. She soon returned to Maryland to lead members of her family to freedom. Repeatedly returning to the South, she led approximately 70 people to safety.

During the Civil War, she worked for the Union as a cook, nurse, laundress, scout and spy. To make money, she sold homemade pies and root beer. In , she led a group of black soldiers and scouts on surveillance missions along the Southeastern seaboard and worked with Col. James Montgomery to lead a raid on the Combahee River in South Carolina in which slaves were freed. Despite her service to the Union cause, she received no pay or compensation. Harriet Tubman died in Just before her death, she told those gathered around her, "I go to prepare a place for you. Prominent Congregational minister, abolitionist and social reformer, Henry Ward Beecher embodied the transition of American Protestantism from stern Calvinism to a buoyant "gospel of love.

Religion pervaded every aspect of Henry's childhood: Church attendance, daily prayer and hymn singing were obligatory. His Sunday sermons drew the rich and famous. Abraham Lincoln commented that no one in history had "so productive a mind. Beecher taught the power of Christ's love: "It is Love the world wants. Higher than morality, higher than philanthropy, higher than worship, comes the love of God. That is the chiefest thing. Deeply attuned to the progressive intellectual and social currents of the day, Beecher believed that religion must adapt to changing times. He extolled temperance, embraced women's suffrage and argued that Darwin's theory of evolution was compatible with the Bible.

Beecher also advocated abolition. But his liberal sentiments did not extend to the working class. In his famous "Bread and Water" sermon, he proclaimed, "Men cannot live by bread alone, but the man who cannot live on bread and water is not fit to live. Born in , Nat belonged to the Turners, white gentry who owned a prosperous farm. The Turners were attracted to Methodism, with its appealing message of free will and individual salvation.

Determined that their slaves should have the chance to be saved, the Turners held prayer services and allowed their slaves to attend the local chapel on Sundays. As a child, Nat was encouraged by his owner, Benjamin Turner, to read and study the Bible.