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Imagine if God had created a dystopian, monochromatic world where everything was gray—no sun—and always raining.

1. Being a servant means giving up my rights for others

Not only did God give Moses the Decalogue on Sinai, but commanded Moses to fashion a tabernacle, which would include almost every form of representational art that humanity had ever known. We are to worship God inwardly and outwardly—using our imagination and creativity. In citing Deuteronomy and Isaiah , Jesus explains that humanity is to love and worship God with their entire being—not just their lips Matthew ; We are to worship God inwardly and outwardly—using our imagination and creativity 2 Corinthians —5; Philippians Love, in this case, is a verb—a generative action.

Generative acts of love are beautiful, visible sermons to a watching world.

The Ministry of Intercession - Andrew Murray / Christian Audio Book

Such acts break down barriers to the gospel. However, the stresses of life often prohibit our ability to love and serve our neighbors well. Consequently, hope often becomes lost in this fallen world. In his book, Culture Care , Makoto Fujimura explains that food and shelter are not enough for human flourishing; we must also feed our souls and the souls of others.

(13-1) Introduction

Thankfully, there has been a revival in cultural engagement and the arts amongst Evangelicals over the past three decades. But how can Christians use their creativity to instill flourishing to those outside the church?


Here are four ideas:. Gregory E. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Gregory Lamb is a Ph. Intersect is a project of Southeastern Seminary's L. In this piece there are several that come out.

First, they keep us humble, given the public and sometimes powerful nature of what God has called us to do. They keep us from falling away into self reliance and arrogance. Third, to bring us into greater dependence upon Him. How then to survive trials and seek to thrive in the midst of them?

Art: God’s Visible Sermon to the World

The list of what Paul endured is formidable; one has to ask how can a person live through all of that and still keep going, without any bitterness whatsoever against God. Three, to believe that God is with you in trials and has not removed His love from you. Be found in Christ today. Shed all that hinders. Pastor Andrew preaches from 1 Peter There is a lot here to help us with seeing the magnificent identity that God has given us.

There is a challenge to live in the tension of being in but not of the world. The loud voice of the world and our fear of people often keep us from personalizing our identity in Christ. Pastor Bill preaches from Isaiah When God restores a life there is joy, healing, fruitfulness, and more people coming. Lean into all the wonderful things that God has for you.

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Passivity is not helpful on this path. Liam preaches from Matthew Christ is our Saviour. Put your trust in the One in whom all the hopes and fears of all the years are met. In the second week of Advent , Pastor Bill preaches from Isaiah Here we find the the child who is our wise and benevolent ruler.

Art: God's Visible Sermon to the World | Intersect

He brings light to a people who have long lived in darkness; His rule brings joy and freedom. This child is divine and his rule extends forever and beyond the confines of this world. We are invited to yield to His rule as our real, living, functional Lord of our lives Christ is truly the head of our lives and of the church. We begin our advent series for

  • 1. Being a servant means giving up my rights for others.
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